How we do

We Believe

  • Creation comes before consumption
  • Engaged group art practice is a secret pathway to self & collective love
  • Singing with strangers & friends builds bonds & energetic resonance
  • Offline time is precious for human to human connection


The Outernet is an answer to the call for non-religious, communal, offline ‘sacred space’. It is a space for guided experiences designed to be co-creative, the leader or artist becomes a conductor or facilitator, guiding participants through an experience of co-creation and connection and awakening a sense of joy and inspiration through collective art.  

Ethan Lipsitz founded The Outernet as a space for offline, improvisational group singing.  He leads an experience called ‘The Vocal Cleanse’ which merges group meditation with the self-embodiment practice of awakening your inner voice.


The Outernet is a co-creative experience that exists thanks to the generous support of individuals and foundations who align with our values of creative empowerment as a path to self-actualization, group unification and ultimately love.

Individuals can support the growth of this platform in the following ways:

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The Outernet is designed to unify groups and empower individuals as creators.  We work with world class organizations, schools, events and businesses to create enlivening programs that range from 15 minutes to 3 days.

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Vocal Cleanse in The Outernet: 45 – 90 minute group meditation and song in a phone-free, shoe-free intentional Outernet space.

The Outernet Space:  An architectural environment programmed for events. This platform allows for full day co-creative offerings in partnership with other facilitators who engage movement practice, meditation, breath work, tea ceremony, group visual arts and more.

Group Song: Impromptu group songs can be integrated into most experiences outside of a specified Outernet space.  Using simple lyrics and layered rounds, this practice is ideal for brief interludes in conference and event programming amongst groups of 50 – 1000 people.